1. Robbyn Mattei Robbyn Mattei South Africa says:

    So...if we're going to follow species examples to become homosexual...

    Do we follow those same species examples to accept rape, murder and other "Human" crimes as the new "normal"

    You cannot compare humans to animals...

    If we're going to say inter-species sex within the Animal Kingdom (which includes humans for anyone not of a biological background) is ok...then why is bestiality still a crime in most countries...???

    I'm not for inter-species sex...and I'm not against homosexuality...

    I just think that we should focus research finances on more important research rather than looking for excuses to justify a person's sexuality...my opinion of course - I'm not always right...but I do think it's silly to use lower-order or more primitive species as comparisons for human evolution...

    If you want to be gay - sure...if you want to be bi...ok...and if you want to stay straight then fine...I don't see a problem here...just a waste of research...

    • Bryan Phillips Bryan Phillips United States says:

      It's not a matter of wanting to be anything. It just is. That is one of the points of this article. You are not against homosexuality, but it sounds like you are against common sense. You compare homosexuality (this is between two consenting adults) with "...rape, murder and other "Human" crimes as the new "normal" ." Finally, no one is following examples of species to become homosexual. It simply is or is not.  That is out of the individuals control. Nothing has changed.

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