1. George Colom George Colom United States says:

    As a inflammatory bowel patient I have not been able to use any of the normal drugs used for treating Crohn's disease, I have been able to survive only thru the removal of the damaged tissue, hence I have my days accounted for, for I have no more gut to take out, so I have just a few more years left to be in this world, but I have lived long enough and suffered long enough thru this hell, of Crohn's , So I live each day as fully as I can, but never far from a toilet, my favorite reading room.
    The use of opioid tipe drugs help me cope fairly well with the constant runs, and gives me a small relief from the joint pain, along with tramadol to help with the urgency to go, that and the slowing down of the gut, by using both allows me to live almost as a normal person, I don't know how many out there are like me for I have not met other folk with the disease in order to trade experiences , so I consider myself very lucky, for even at 61 I'm still as active as I can be, and don't have any plans to slow down any time soon, not yet anyway !
    I have been as of lately been able to experience the after effects of prednisone for my skin and teeth have been affected I have lost two teeth so far, and a third is well on the way out, and my skin is very frail, so I keep the sun exposure to as little as I can, by using long sleeves even in the summer, if I can help it, but whatever you guys and gals do out there, don't give up, don't loose hope, like in my case , sometimes doing nothing ( as far as drugs go) is better than the biological drugs out there, but since we are all different chemistry wise, not all drugs help all those affected by Crohn's.
    Be safe and live life !!!!!!

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