1. Shaz Nanma Simms Shaz Nanma Simms United Kingdom says:

    sadly my gp and the psychologist I have seen do not believe in fibromyalgia therefore there is no support and undersanding and I am facing losing my child due to the chaos having this illness and others has casued me I am great parent and son is happy.  Sadly I have been terribly scapegoated for his problems and he is diagnosed as having chronic pain as they 'don't diagnose Fibromyalgia' in children apparently.... this I was told following my son being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.....Because I have reported his symptoms and he is trying to explain how things are for him but finds it hard...... he has been disbelieved and I have been accused of making up his illnesses and being an unfit parent.  Took him out of school almost two years ago and he has made really good progress and it is very apparent.  I couldn't make up what I m going through.  Any signposts for support would help as uite literally my anxiety is through the roof and I am wits end with it all.  I also have Elhers Danos syndrome, and am autistic.  I deal with loads, overcome so many challenges and my son is happy..... it is so awful.  If only the UK 's NHS was up to the job of educating and raising awareness...but they are not.  It isn't life threatening but it takes everything and now it is taking my last child of three

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