1. William Preston William Preston United States says:

    Hey author, guess what?  I was a compliant masktard and wore those disgusting face diapers all the time everywhere and I STILL managed to come down with COVID19.  So much for them supposedly being the panacea for all our ails.

    And then guess what?  I recovered from the disease just like 99.998% of everyone else that comes down with it.  Do you not see where I'm going here? Should I draw a picture for you?

    I don't know who you're trying to fool here with this blatant piece of propaganda, but I'm afraid you are SORELY mistaken.  Not only is this garbage you're shilling out not peer-reviewed but it is also false in every detail.

    This is nothing more than blatant hysteria in the form of "See, See!  These "medical experts" said being a masktard is good for you so that must mean everyone should have them on 24/7/365 and not let anyone see your face ever again.

    This entire scamdemic is nothing but the slow boil of the frog as more and more of our freedoms are taken away without even being realized.  Anyone who can't see that this dystopian mask compliance BS is just the beginning of a VERY dangerous road that ends with no one ever being able to make their own decisions again either has their head completely buried in the sand or are completely retarded.  

    Go peddle your disgusting propaganda somewhere else and let us lovers of freedom go live our lives without the threat of tyranny.

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