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  1. cyndy brown cyndy brown United States says:

    OK I was told I have scoliosis I have severe back pain all the time i cant pick up my daughter and I cant play that much with any of my kids because my back hurts real bad it hurts so bad I taste metal in my mouth when it hurts real bad the middle of my back is now numb and I can't fold laundry without my back killing me I am in constant pain they say I have mild scoliosis but i think it is worse then they say can some one help me the doctors in this town are no joke they are stupid and have no brain if my back is going numb dosent that tell me that something is very wrong someone help me please if you can help me please contact me at [email protected] thankyou

    • Jess Jess United States says:

      Well I'm 23 years old and I have two kids. I've been dealing with scoliosis for about 4 years. Their has been times where I couldn't pick up my kids, cook dinner, or do my laundry. But I keep going by taking medicine for back pain. But it finally came to a halt when i couldn't take it anymore. So i went to the doctor he gave me some meds but in three weeks my treatment will start. He's a good doctor. You should go to another doctor!!!!!!

    • Diane Brokaw Diane Brokaw United States says:

      I am 60 and have degenerative scoliosis.  I do core exercises.  

      Strengthen your lower back:
      I start in the morning before I get out of bed.  I start with a stretch.  Pull both knees up to your chest as far as you can.  Hold it for a count to 60.  Then I extend one leg out parallel to the bed for a count of 10, pull that leg back to your chest for another count of 10.  Repeat that 5 times.  Switch legs and and repeat 5 times.  Then bring both legs up to your chest for a count of 10 then extend both legs parallel to the bed for a count of 10.  Repeat that 8 to 10 times.  This last movement is hard when you start, but keep trying, you will get it.  I then repeat all three movements two more times but reduce the count to 2.

      Crunches strength stomach muscles for lower back:
      I put my hands over my head and throw them up through my knees to get into a crunch.  I hold each crunch for a count of 5.  I repeat these 15 times.  I am new at this one, so it will take time before I can do a real crunch.

      All of this has helped me have less pain.  I still am dealing with leg pain.  A specialist has recommend I start going to a pilaties class.  I am looking for one now.

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