1. Colin Baker Colin Baker United States says:

    Questioning your heart wether it be with relationships, hobbies, interests or the fear of someone thinking what you like is dumb or make fun of you or hitting  you is just no way to live your life do What you want, maintain that child like mentality of not giving a shit what people think. Do what you love not what makes you the most money and in the end you'll end up making the most.

    This silly glenda is getting more annoying by the minute. DARLIN' GENETICS and a belief of god have nothing in common genes are part of science god is part of a theory and scheme.

    I kinda wish she had been born in a muslim country where women are forced to walk ten feet behind their men and not show their face in fear of beheading and in that case would our good old 1 st world glenda be singing the same tune about the religon she was born in2.

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