1. Ashley Lipinski Ashley Lipinski United States says:

    Having suffered with this for a long time now (I am 23 and I was diagnosed with diabetes almost 13yrs ago, first hospitalized for DKA 9yrs ago [6 or 7 times since then], and diagnosed with eating disorder 8yrs ago[hospitalized 4 or 5 times since then for EDO]). I can tell you how scary it is to see how acutely my physical and psychological state has deteriorated in just the last year or so (or, more accurately, how scary it 'should be' - because I no longer feel any emotional attachment to my situation even though, on an intellectual level I understand the severity of it all). Get help early. Parents, support your children and make changes WITH them - helping yourself, improving the household dynamics, making it a family goal to work toward a healthier lifestyle instead of putting all of the pressure on the child alone - these are the types of things that make all the difference. Often people just need to be reminded that life is worth living, that the pain that they are feeling now is temporary, that there are things to look forward to still, and that they are worth love AND health

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