1. david hollands david hollands United Kingdom says:

    Who is the writer of this article ...?   What are their medical qualifications . Why  is that name not obviously at the forefront of this article. Why is it anonymous.   What does that mean ?

        Is the writer of this article a Professor of medicine ?      Or is   he/she     a journalist, with hardly any knowledge of science or medicine. Maybe an Arts graduate ..?   Did this journalist discover how kidney patients on dialysis could improve their life,how to reduce agonising bone pain, by discovering the metabolic processes that involve vitamin D.   Prof. Holick did this.  

         Which part of this article points out any error that Professor Holick made ? Which part of this article has any facts or indeed proof  that Dr. Holick  has in any way  made any misleading statements.    

        This article is all innuendo.  

         The next time that I  discover something that is life transforming , something that helps millions of people worldwide , I shall be very careful not to attach my name to it. I might be accused of moneygrubbing.          

         How sad .    

        Dave H   (  in the UK )

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