1. Shannon Hutcheson Shannon Hutcheson Canada says:

    I sincerely hope that this "pain medication doesn't help" attitude does not become the prevalent "belief" of health care professionals. At least we may still have access to actual pain relief specialists. As I always say, you are your best advocate. Do NOT, ever, assume that your family physician knows best when it comes to pain relief. Ask for a referral to a pain specialist, or get a second opinion. Hell, even a third opinion.

    Talk to your pharmacist about Nucynta. It is very similar to Tramadol, without constipation or any symptoms at all. Yes, I still feel tired and fatigue is a major symptom for me. But I'd rather be a bit tired (if Tapentadol/Nucynta is even the source) than suffer with 7/10 pain scale average days. No thank you.

    Your pharmacist can tell you all about Nucynta. While your GP can only look it up in his/her pharmaceutical reference book. Your pharmacist knows more about it than your doctor will.

    It took a year and a half for my doctor and I to find the right cocktail of medication that helps keep my pain at least manageable. I can cope with it ok most days and that's all I expect out of it. Cymbalta, Lyrica and Nucynta is what works for me. Without the Nucynta, my pain was way too much. I'm so greatful my pharmacist told me about Nucynta!

    Keep on fighting everyone. Don't ever give up!

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