1. _FYRE_ _FYRE_ United States says:

    I hope this gets out because it is the proof that being gay occurs NATURALLY. It is not something one chooses to be. When is the world going to wake up? In the U.S. you may not be killed for being gay but you do live as a second class citizen. Not allowing gays to marry is a violation of human rights, rights that the U.S. government insist they must protect. I am sure there are many gays who would like to be protected by laws,and protected w/ insurance that other couples CAN get b/c they are heterosexual. EVERYONE MUST be allowed to marry who they love,same gender or not. Really,if you are against it ask yourself this "Are you sleeping with them?" No? Well then it isn't your business to say they can't marry or shouldnt be together, unless of course you are already married to them yourself, in which case you should get a divorce!

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