1. amanda richard amanda richard United States says:

    I am trying to find out how I can make contact with the researchers as I am a 38 female with underlying health issues and autoimmune diseases and my roommate is a 40 year male with cancer. We strictly use medicinally. We live in a home with my children who are 9&5.5 and my husband who is 43. They all got sick with covid and tested positive and my husband is finishing up his quarantine right now and they all have tested negative now. During quarantine in my home with our roommate the two of us tested every 2-3 days with an at home kit anticipating we would at some point test positive. It never happened. Two different brands of test were performed on me. We are the textbook of who should of gotten it. The only difference is, I had a theory lol, if we just  keep smoking weed like we do every night then maybe just maybe our lungs are already filled with the thc that covid would not be able to inhibit them? My husband made fun of this theory but here we are. We are proof that just maybe our experiment worked. And here we are finding out this test has been done. Holy shit.

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