1. Queen Belle Queen Belle United States says:

    They are harmful, my kids and I suffer from them badly they inside my mouth teeth have fallen out because of them my eyes my lashes and ears all over my entire body.. as my older kids have babies the newborn babies comes out with them and u notice them in pics when u zoom in and see them light up white sparkling spots.. but I feel them burrowing in my scalp everywhere constantly.. Tea tree oild does nothing the sea salt and goat milk soap does nothing I have pics of them .. so if there is anything else that really works plz help

    • Jasmine Knight Jasmine Knight United States says:

      i have the same issue and it is very annoying

    • pzl mich pzl mich United States says:

      use Davis Sulfur benz shampoo to open your pores then pour lime sulfur dip over your body.  spray thyme oil over clothes, sheets, pillows, towels etc and use kleen free preformed enzyme cleaner to wash clothes.

      • pzl mich pzl mich United States says:

        Apple Cider Vinegar works great!  It is by far the best treatment I have found for my hair and body! When I'm in the shower I have ACV in a spray bottle and I soak my hair and spray my entire body. Wait for 10 minutes, rinse.  It kills all forms of the mite including the eggs.  I did that twice a day for 5 days, once a day for 10 days, then every other day for only 5 minutes.  It is very drying so I use Moo Goo MSM cream on my face and body.  I have long hair so after I rinse I turn my head upside down and put conditioner only on the hair, not the scalp--rinse it.  I've easily spent a thousand dollars and the cure was quite simple. Also, I bought a 32oz bottle of permethrin and I put 1oz in each load of laundry so I didn't reinfect myself.  Cedarwood oil is awesome sprayed on my mattress and around my bed,  it kills the little bastards and the house smells great! Also, vacuum everyday. Also, I am taking neem capsules, MSM capsules, and NAC as a little insurance. I rarely feel a bug and I am immunosuppressed and taking steroids. Hope this helps someone! Peace!

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