1. DES Daughter DES Daughter United Kingdom says:

    On top of what you said:
    - DES exposure also had detrimental effects on males (sons) in regards to higher cancer risk, decrease fertility, gender identity, psychological health, and more.
    - Regarding females (daughters), DES did more damage than "uterine anomalies"... the list of side effects in endless and include auto-immunity deficiency, bones issues, cardiac, etc. etc.
    - Important to realise DES also affects today's generations (3rd generation of victims). Sometimes less (DES grandaughters risk for breast cancer seems to be much lower than compared to DES daughters), sometimes more (DES grandsons risk for hyspospadias is doubled - 8% - compared to DES sons).
    - Oh, and DES was never effective for what it was marketed as such ; it did not prevent miscarriage. Actually it was the opposite, some studies showed DES increased the risk for early deliveries, preterm birth. Guess what : it became used as an abortion pill... and is still used for that purpose in some remote countries... Looks like pharma will not miss any opportunity to sell their products...

    Many thanks for mentioning DES in your article. It is important for doctors and the general public to realise DES is not a tragedy of the past, but still affecting young people today.

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