1. Gem F Gem F United States says:

    You want long term results of a HEAVY vaper over the past 8+ years?  Your more than welcome to contact me & use me as your Guinea pig to disprove everything this article states.....
    I vape heavily throught the entire day, every day, for the past 8+ YEARS...and have suffered ZERO side effects - in fact, my lung health has actually IMPROVED!
    As a regular smoker for over 30 years, I developed chronic bronchitis (amongst other chronic issues PLUS I have a rare genetic degenerative disease) ,and was able to literally quit smoking cigs the very day I received my advanced ecig products over 8+ years ago.  I am a 'traditional' vaper that used more advanced vaping hardware/ tanks-atomizers, and also have been making my own 'ejuice' for several years now.  If you question whether that makes a difference, yes - the way I vape & the more advanced hardware I use (along with HOW I vape - MTL mouth to lung VS direct lung) is a very big deal, especially when compared to how & what these "kids" are vaping!
    The.bottom line here is that I have quite smoking regulard cigarettes AND my lung health has actually IMPROVED 10 fold - any & all signs of previous health issues associated with cigarettes have completely disappeared...  and honestly, I haven't been sick ever since I started vaping either.  I use both PG & VG, along with nicotine and specific flavoring that are all tested to be DIKETONE FREE.  I do NOT 'cloud chase's, sub-ohm or vape stupid things like THC or anything that contains Vitamin E Acetate. I also tend to stick with the same 'ejuice' recipes bc I like what I like & don't really trust many pre-made juices- especially that may come from China!   There are also many other small specifics that I stick with, that would take too long to explain here - but I suppose you could call me an old school vaper that sticks to the basics.  I do not vape to get high like many of these getting sick tend to do...  which is most likely why they're getting sick in the 1st place.  If there were something truly wrong with vaping the way you are 'supposed to', why aren't there more people like me falling "victim" to this supposed epidemic? There should be tens of thousands of us sick or dying if that was the case... and it would have 1st happened a whole hell of a lot sooner than just lately over the past several months -  again, I have been vaping for over 8 YEARS!  The same applies to the rest of the world - NONE that report anything like what is happening only "lately".  The US is the ONLY COUNTRY THIS IS HAPPENING TO - so exactly what kind of "epidemic" is it really?!
    I truly and honestly wish that people would stop all the MASS HYSTERIA over an EPIDEMIC which IS ONLY A RECENT THING, which IS ONLY IN THE US ALONE!  

    The hypocritical CDC actually put a report out there in 2009 that states that using ecigs with Propylene Glycol could actually make you HEALTHIER ,  so much so that they stated that it possibly had potential to stave off viruses and possibly even the common cold because of its antibacterial properties....  For Pete's sake, VAPORIZED PROPYLENE GLYCOL HAS BEEN PUMPED THROUGH HOSPITAL VENTALATION SYSTEMS FOR DECADES because of that fact!  Now all of a sudden, because kids that have been forced underground to buy black market ejuice from who knows who, with God only knows what in it - aside from the fact that they're also vaping THC & other crazy thing in an attempt to get HIGH, are ALL OF A SUDDEN GETTING SICK,  doesnt seem to be much of a mystery - as a totally innocent industry that has actually saved lives is being used as a scapegoat by now sick kids & their parents BECAUSE THEY DON'T WANT TO FESS UP TO WHAT THEYRE ACTUALLY DOING/ VAPING BEHIND THEIR PARENTS' BACKS...  Take a look on YouTube sometime, and see the crazy crap they try vaping, just in an attempt to get high!

    I'm not about to give up something that saved me from cigarettes, that I thoroughly enjoy - nicotine or.not because of some out of control kids looking to avoid blame for their own actions.  I'm also not about to give up my vaping because some mass hysteria parents create because they cant keep better tabs on what their kids are doing behind their backs either.  Maybe parents should be more responsible & kids should admit their guilt for doing what they have no business or knowledge of what they're actually doing.  Nobody wants to never accept the consequences of their own actions, but are quick to blame somebody else that really has nothing to do with what they're doing because it's easier to play the blame game. Well, I'm not willing to be penalized for the few (or several) rotten apples that are trying to spoil the whole barrel.
    If researchers (and doctors) want to actually learn the truth about what long term effects (or lack of) vaping has, try getting/ studying real people who have been vaping long term, and see the real truth behind it all.  All you have to do is ask.... there are plenty ty of us out there that would happily volunteer real data to make the studies actually valid.


    • Carl Wilson Carl Wilson United States says:

      Pretty wild that you just want to inhale anything without actually researching it. No one in their right mind is telling you that it's worse than smoking cigarettes, which is irrelevant to whether or not there are any dangerous constituents in vaping liquids.

      I'm glad vaping has helped you, but that's no reason not to research these things. In fact, that research might result in vaping becoming an even more favorable alternative to cigarettes! I can almost guarantee you that they won't find it's safe, much less that it will make you "healthier", but they can find alternatives to potentially harmful ingredients.

      Also nicotine is bad for you and you haven't actually quit smoking if you're still vaping lmao. Enjoy lying to yourself

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