1. Robert Golden Robert Golden United States says:

    The title of this article, "New hope for adults with amblyopia", is wrong!
    I'm 47 and had amblyopia my whole life, can't see out right eye. Had surgery at age 4, forced to wear eye-patch but it never took. Partly because I bad hay-fever as a child where I would wake up with both eyes stuck shut. Feel my way to the bath room to rinse out my eyes. Plus the terrifying office visits populated by Pirates wearing patches. As a child you don't understand why your parents are taping a patch over your good eye, effectively blinding you. I remember back in the 80s they had a lot of 3D movies and parents would bring home the 3D glasses. I don't know if this was a cruel joke or not wanting me to feel left out but I couldn't understand what all the fuss was about. Ooh everything's red, big deal! About 18-months ago went for Lasik consult (farsighted in good eye now) and was told that despite a 99% success rate they wouldn't do it because I can only see out of one eye, blah blah blah. Wanted: one-eyed Ophthalmologist and/or Neurologist who understands the problem and can provide the cure. Modern medicine is still in the Dark Ages.

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