1. Mike Williamson Mike Williamson United States says:

    Actually, no they can't.

    Here's a clue:  This is a medical journal, with a political ax to grind.  Their knowledge of firearms? About on par with yours.

    Would you, or they, find a treatise on heart surgery in Guns and Ammo to be informative or of interest?  Probably not.

    It's very easy to believe things are simple, obvious, and right, when they support your own prejudices. This is called the Dunning-Kruger Effect.

    Consider for a moment:  Kleck, Wright-Rossi, Lott, UCR, ICVS, SOT, pre-May Sample, NFA, FOPA, direct impingement, short stroke piston, open bolt, K-baffle, NDA 1916, C&R, DIAS

    If you don't recognize each of those terms without using Google, you are thoroughly ignorant of firearms at the professional level, and your opinion is approximately as valuable as your thoughts on astrophysics.

    Spend a few years learning what you're talking about, come back, and perhaps we'll be interested in your opinions.

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