1. Holly Agate Holly Agate United States says:

    Yeah…. Nobody is going to willingly go into quarantine, or go into quarantine while willingly stay behind in another country if they are sick. On the second one, why should they? They should stay behind hundred if not thousands of miles away from their home and family and friends, and everything they know and love, possibly wind up DYING while in another country, where who knows what will happen to your body IF your family and friends are allowed to travel to collect it to bring it back home for burial. When instead we can go home as quickly as possible and tough it out there in the comfort of your home with your loved ones around you with everything that is familiar. Plus going home would be CHEAPER than the hundreds if not thousands of dollars you will be wasting by trying to find new living accommodations for you to stay in where you are during the duration of your forced quarantined, plus the extra costs of any hospital stays while there, and possible return to a rebooted quarantine.

    Plus another reason to go home as quickly as possible even while sick, is look at the thousands if not millions of people who are STRANDED outside of their home country, probably haven’t been back home since the pandemic first started back in 2020, being forced to live outside of their home countries away from their loved ones and everything, because FIRST travel anywhere has been put on lockdown so if you were on vacation when news of the lockdowns first started, you had a choice of either cutting your vacations short and TRY and catch the first flight back home immediately before you are locked out of your home country for the foreseeable future, or try and get on the ‘first flight’ back home immediately only to have your flight canceled because all seats were already taken, and you wind up missing the time limit you needed to get back home to your home country. So your vacation trip gets extended. Okay. Maybe you can last a few WEEKS or MONTHS there with what litttle money you have, while trying to find a job to keep you going, because obviously your job back home won’t be paying you while your gone if they don’t outright fire you if you are gone too long, as you wait for lockdown to finally be declared over so that you can finally go back home where you belong, but various things happen over time that keeps your temporary stay in your vacation place become longer and longer, until those weeks and months turns into years as there are no sign of you going home any time soon happening.

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