1. Dale Hunt Dale Hunt United States says:

    What will be stressful and cause anxiety will not be climate change itself (if it were true, which it is not) will be the 12 century existence we will have to live in if the climate scammers get their way.  They believe (notice I said "believe" because it is a cult) that destroying everyone's economies and modern lifestyles will somehow change the climate of the earth.  They are just trying to pick everyone's wallets clean, in order to enhance their own lifestyles and power.  This whole climate change BS has nothing to do with saving the earth's environment.  It has to do with controlling the population and consolidating money and power to the liberal elitists.  Settled science my arse.

    • Larry Burdge Larry Burdge United States says:

      Dale, Climate Change, formerly known as Global Warming (what next???), is NOT a Cult, it is a Religion and you will go to hell, or have some other horrible thing befall you ,  if you don't believe in it. Just ask one if you don't believe me... Notive how Liberals are always changing names of any Dumbfounded project on at the moment, trying to Suck more Peasants into their point of view that the SKY is Falling?

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