1. roslyn ross roslyn ross Australia says:

    Measles was never eradicated. Vaccines do not immunise. Whatever effect they have does not happen in a percentage of people who are therefore not vaccinated. The vaccinated can still get the diseases against which they have been vaccinated and they had and they do.

    As someone lucky enough to be old enough to have had all the minor childhood diseases, including Measles, and to have real immunity, I can only look at the paranoia today surrounding Measles and think, but, hang on, in the Fifties and Sixties they made comedy shows about kids getting Measles. How has it become the Black Death?

    Even when I had kids in the early Seventies my GP advised me to expose my children so they could get the disease, get over it and have lifelong immunity. The same advice doctors gave my parents.

    If Measles is a problem today it is because for some reason, and not necessarily vaccination, Measles in childhood has been delayed and, as with the other minor childhood diseases, is major in Adults. Now that is a problem.

    How any science or medical professional could believe that tricking the immune system, an immature immune system, into acting against a non-threat, i.e. acting irrationally or in confusion, could EVER lead to good health is the real question.

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