1. Michael Tek Howey Michael Tek Howey United States says:

    They also may have considered hard drugs but we don't say that do we?  They are looking for something to do to differentiate them as all teens did - like you and I did - and they chose vaping.  If not for vaping then what would it have been?  Something more detrimental to their health I bet unless you're trying to argue that young teens ask themselves "Should I smoke cigarettes, drink beer, or train to be an Olympic athlete?"

    It's something destructive they are looking to do and with fear mongering articles out there it makes vaping seem harmful.  At least you're doing something right even if you really do just want to scare people in to not vaping in the first place.  Looking forward to your next article "Teens with cognitive disorders are eating broccoli and finishing their math homework".

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