1. Annette Cohen Annette Cohen United States says:

    I received the 2nd Pfizer shot on April 19, 2021.  Thirteen weeks (to the day) later I am still suffering from the many severe adverse reactions I got. It would take me an hour or more to even try to list them all here, and I don't have the patience to do that at the moment.

    To give readers some idea of what I have experienced, here’s an abbreviated account of my injuries:   I suffered severe cardiac, neurological, inflammatory and musculoskeletal sickness and injuries.  Most of them have subsided in intensity, (some were at 10 on the pain scale of 1 to 10!) but they *all* still plague me, and at this point I don't expect to ever recover my previous level of health.  

    I felt like I had a stroke (more likely it was several, or perhaps many, microstrokes), and I have very noticeable (and distressing!) short-term and long-term memory loss and significant cognitive dysfunction.  I still feel extremely spaced out (as though I'm stoned on marijuana, which I never use these days) most of the time.   I still have noticeable visual disturbances, (everything appears to shimmer, as though I've taken LSD, which I also do not use.)  (I did take 1/16 of a dose many years ago, so I know what it's like, and this vaccine-induced visual disturbance is exactly like what I experienced after taking the LSD microdose many years ago.) I still have marked pain, weakness, and swelling and dysfunction, as well as tingling and numbness, in my right (vaccinated) arm, wrist, and hand; I still have a persistent sore throat and sore and swollen neck glands (every day, all day long); I still have insomnia and severe back pain and stiffness.  My previous chronic fatigue / fibromyalgia has been dramatically worsened.  I have chronic severe shortness of breath which is very distressing and limits my ability to function in every way. I could go on with many more symptoms but that's enough for you to get the idea.  

    This experience has dramatically changed my life.  My whole purpose in life now is to let others know how dangerous these mRNA vaccines are and how many people have been severely injured and killed by them.  The VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) website is a voluntary reporting system, and the CDC itself admits that only a minuscule percentage of vaccine injuries are reported to it. Plus, it is not easy to file a VAERS report!  Despite how badly injured I've been, I've still not done so myself.  (I've tried and failed to do so three times to date.)  If you multiply the numbers reported to VAERS by 100 you'll get an idea of how catastrophic these vaccines have been and continue to be.  

    The mainstream media do not report on this.  They are owned by the same corporate forces that control the FDA, the CDC, the political parties, and all the regulatory agencies of our government. The pro-vaccine propaganda is total and is completely in control of the narrative.  Anyone who experiences anything which contradicts that narrative is deemed to be either crazy or some sort of dangerous dissident. Facebook takes down legions of posts which express anti-vaccination sentiment, despite the fact that people are simply sharing their own personal experiences!  We are fast becoming a totalitarian, fascist country. No contrary thoughts are allowed. No honest debate or discussions are allowed.  We are told blatant lies and expected to never question anything we are told. Example:  "The vaccines are safe and effective."  

    The public was not told the that the vaccine trials excluded anyone with known preexisting health problems, including people who have autoimmune diseases.  I have autoimmune thyroiditis. Doctors have long known that people with autoimmune conditions are at high risk of adverse reactions to vaccines of all kinds (not just the new covid vaccines.)  But I did not know this.  Most people do not know this.   If I'd known about the way the trials were conducted I would never have even considered getting vaccinated!

    • Rebecca Guirre Rebecca Guirre United States says:

      Ms.Cohen, thank you for your courage.Yes..facebook and Twitter are censoring anyone with adverse reactions to the COVID vaccines.My father had cardiac symptoms shortly after the mRNA COVID vaccines and within a week of receiving his second vaccine he was hospitalized after a myocardial infarction.Fpur days later he had a stroke..the next day he passed away. Since his death I have tried to ask questions about the pzizer and Moderna vaccines.clearly myocarditis and pericarditis are part of the adverse effects of these vaccines
      I don't know how this connects to the inflammatory response in mice and humans. We must be active and engaged  and not give up...what passes for news is propaganda and what passes for choice/inclusion is coercion in 2023. Let's work on vaccine advocacy and education and not let them silence us.❤️

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