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  1. Robert Gann Robert Gann United States says:

    I had my right hip replaced last may 2017, I have been walking since the day of the replacement. I went through what the doctor called three weeks of hell. You all remember that. They went through the front of my leg. I healed up pretty good no oozing or anything. The hip has never quit hurting. My surgeon quit two weeks after my surgery so I had to do my check ups with another doctor in the same office. I tried to tell him that I couldn't sleep and that the hip was still killing me. I had just quit taking the prescribed pain pills. I just wanted to let him know what was going on and what can I do to try to sleep at night. I lived in a rural area that was a hundred mile round trip. My surgeon told me that due to where I lived it would be difficult to do physical therapy so my wife became my therapist. We had everything we needed from the therapist for exercising and complied religiously. Anyhow went to see this other doctor and he went off on us and told us that he didn't want to hear anything from us and that's why my doctor wasn't here anymore. Then got into my wifes face and told her that he wasn't going to loose his license due to pain pills which we were not even asking for. That was last June we have since moved to the Oregon coast. I walked on the beach a lot until my hip seemed to get worse clicking in the hip my groin pain getting worse and my femur hurts like walking on a broken leg all of which never went away. I have a new primary care doctor here and I have to go every three months to have my A1C checked because I'm also a diabetic type 2. Needless to say I haven't worked since March 14th 2017 due to this hip. I have been telling my new doctor what is going on. She decided to do a white blood cell count in my new labs. The labs came back and I have an elevated white blood cell count. She say's due to my pain in my new hip and elevated white blood cells that I have now got an infection in my new hip. I'm wondering if this has been there since the replacement. Now I don't walk on the beach it hurts too much now. Cant sit for long and cant walk or stand for too long my groin is still killing me and to add to all of this I have bad head aches sick to my stomach and the chills. Now I have to go to corvalis Oregon now to get fluid pulled out of this new hip (more pain) meanwhile I'm not on anything for pain not even asprin just toughing it out. Waiting to see these people and will keep you folks updated.

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