1. Dusty Duncan Dusty Duncan Australia says:

    My life is that what you would call it these days is a challenge. Things I use to enjoy now don't give satisfaction.I no longer had health insurance which is a pity as the last time I used it was to admit myself into a private clinic as I couldn't ensure my GP that life was worth living. Many times a week I still wonder this.
    Why?? Due to workplace bullying. I went into a workplace environment that had major problems and was addressed without due diligence. No one bothered to contact WorkSafe in regards to risk factors and worse of all management failed to do anything when I reported it happening again. My manager turned on me and I wonder if she was bullied. Safety issues I spoke up about were disregarded with a major incident occurring elsewhere that was related. By going over my managers and the DON's head to have it addressed (which it was and policy changed), a campaign began to terminate me. Sadly they used a friend of mine who was a patient and made false claims about my professional conduct and ability. Legal advice suggested I had rights but standing up with these rights meant my employment was terminated with the hospital hiding behind the Privacy Act. The hospital caused my private and professional life to smashed together at massive force with me either side. Some days it feels like I can feel every piece that's missing. The person that loved going to the footy, hanging with friends and going to the pub to see mates is now replaced with a person that feels unworthy to be a member of society. The person the hospital made me out to be could only be called a monster. Yet I had no avenue to defend myself. The ANF even assisted the hospital so nurses, please don't count on them. I use to jump out of bed to go to work, knowing I was having such a positive effect on my community. Now I do casual night duty as there are less people and politics around. Though that still creates the financial pressures when shifts are scared.
    At least they were prepared to give me a go and I got this job on my professional career excluding time spent where I was. Some shifts when they are going well I get a glow back and this amazing feeling, a reminder of how rewarding being a nurse use to feel. I wish those times would increase but they are the little rays of sunshine that keep me plugging along.

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