1. Catherine Boyle Catherine Boyle United Kingdom says:

    I am horrified by the comments of the RCP and the general contempt and ignorance with which we are treated by the medical profession. I have struggled my whole life with hypothyroid symptoms and eventually "sussed" out what was wrong with me and asked to be referred to to an endocrinologist. After taking the initial THS tests which (incidentally Doctors and Endocrinologists don't know how to interpret). I went to my GP to get my blood tests results and was told quite aggressively that my this of 8.22 was "a bit like being below average height" nothing to worry about and I didn't need to see an endocrinologist. I was told by my endocrinologist that I did indeed have an under active thyroid and they would do another test to make sure, as the result was "normal". I was shunted from one endocrinologist to another who "reassured me" there was nothing wrong with my thyroid.

    After reading up about the subject and feeling like hell I decided to see a private Doctor who specialises in thyroid issues. He actually sat and listened while I described what life has been like for me and he took my temperature and looked at my tongue which was very swollen, (none of the other endocrinologists did this). He confirmed that I had an underactive thyroid and indeed had it all my life. I started off on thyroxine and this didn't help me at all, in fact I felt dreadful. I then asked him to prescribe armour, he did and for the first time in my life I feel alive. It makes me sick to the stomach to think of the people misdiagnosed with depression, Alzheimer's, people who are in wheelchairs, that have fertility problems, behavioural problems or people who have no idea that they have a problem with their health which could be turned around with natural dessicated thyroid. I wonder if the pompous and arrogant people who wrote these guidelines would treat their children with such disregard and ignore their symptoms.

    There is also the issue of adrenal fatigue which is not taken into consideration. I resent having to pay for my own medical treatment as I barely earn enough to live on as it is and I shouldn't have to, but I have no choice. I could never ever go back to the way I was. This is the biggest medical scandal ever! It is inhumane to deny us to the right to proper treatment. WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

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