1. Jim Miller Jim Miller Canada says:

    Eradication of a virus:  Critical thinking has not been evident towards health issues in general., particularly with regard to covid these last 2-3 yrs.    Simply put it is not about eradicating a virus such as covid but rather learning how to live with it much like we learn how to live with colds, flu etc.   Unfortunately western medicine is always looking for the quick fix as in products from the pharmaceutical industry.
    There are many health practices/sciences developed throughout the world that western medical authorities choose to ignore.  They work.  Many recognized doctors & researchers within our western medical community have successfully treated patients with covid at significant cost to them from the medical authorities.   Dr. Nicola Williams is a researcher - Do aspects of her research cause her to question conventional thinking in the practice of medicine?  Hopefully it would but would it ever get enough traction on the ground to actually benefit people.  A lot of time and money is expended on research however I tend to think the beneficiaries are mostly the people it employs, the prestige of researchers & related institutions and corporations.  That's the world we live in and rather than eradicating the corrupted system, I live with it the best I can.

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