1. Lauren Kyber Harrison Lauren Kyber Harrison United States says:

    Kay, I couldn't agree with you more! I am so tired of having my medications so tightly regulated and controlled by the DEA that I sometimes feel like a criminal when picking up my prescriptions! Even though researchers and doctors have long known that people with chronic pain issues do not "get high" when taking opioids to relieve their pain we are still being stigmatized because of the illegal actions of others. God forbid that I ask to refill my prescription a day early because it is more convenient to do all of my errands in the same afternoon. Oh Hell no...I have to wait until the next day before I can pick it up because the DEA says that I cannot have more than the "allowed" number of tablets in a 30-day period! Never mind that on many days just getting out of bed is a big accomplishment.

    • Jackson Bassett Jackson Bassett United States says:

      It doesn't even matter that people use them to get wasted.  The real issue is that they are so tightly regulated that the people the medicine should be intended for can't get them without a total hassle.   It is a sad state of affairs, but we elect this government so, it is the best we can do.   I hope we all feel better and find the magic pill or treatment soon.

    • Sue Ash Sue Ash Canada says:

      I am on oxycodone myself for fibro and I live In canada and dr's look at you like ur some kinda drug addicted, thank god my family dr is really good and understands, I cannot take any inflammatory medicines as I have kidney disease so only option oxy's ..I cannot take any of those fibro meds either as I have tried them all ..this disease sucks

      • Sharon Hall Eskew Sharon Hall Eskew United States says:

        I agree Sue. All three 'Fibro medicines' tried, all three gave me allergic reactions! The Doctor told me to 'Get used to the pain, because I don't know what else to try.'  I stopped going to him. Found a Nurse practitioner who has been trying to help me, but she just moved 3 hours away. Now I have to get used to a new doctor, and explain all of this crap again! Some days it just isn't worth trying to chew the restraints! lol

      • Spring Griffin Spring Griffin United States says:

        I have also tried Gabapentin and Lyrica. I am allergic to them Both, I woke up Gasping for air Twice while on Lyrica. My Neuro wants me off the Percoset but it's the only thing I have found that takes the edge off so I can Partially function. I haven't worked in a year now(School Bus Driver) I can't imagine trying to go back to work without pain meds and I won't and can't drive while on this Med. I tried Tramadol and It had No effect on me. My Pain Dr. is going to continue the Percoset with Cymbalta and Zanaflex just to keep me fairly comfortable. screw what the Neuro says...He is not the one living this Nightmare.

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