1. Martin Pishpecki Martin Pishpecki Netherlands says:

    Research in the link cannot be obtained. You have to purchase it. Why would someone "out of the goodness on their hart" tell me a piece of information in the intent of changing my behaviour but when asked about the proof - I am asked to pay.

    Its like saing: dont do this you will die in the worst way. If you ask where is your proof, you get a response: I cant tell you that, you have to trust me.

    Either you share the information for the good of all and provide all that you have. Or withhold all information for only people that pay for your research.

    This duality makes me doubt the sincerity of the good intentions in making and distributing this research.

    If I read correctly Nestle was involved in the research. Goodness of their hart is well known to the world. If doctor Josef Mengele gave you advice for healthy life would you trust it or would you think: what is your angle, and how will your advice damage me?

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