1. Kathryn Adams Kathryn Adams United Kingdom says:

    Hi everyone. I have had M.E and Fibromyalgia for 10 years now and understand everyones comments on here. Trust me when I say I have experienced all of them. The pain is incredible.
    I have discovered new ways of trying to manage the condition and up to now, fingers crossed found the following helps.

    1) Get allergy/intollerance tested. Since removing cows milk and lactose, wheat, gluten & rye and cane sugar from my diet, my energy levels have gone up and my pain has gone down. Ok so I cheat now and then but wow Can I tell the difference!

    2) Despite energy levels and pain try to move around or do some low level, low impact exercise. I find gentle swimming works for me where as walking is painful. Ok so I am crippled getting out the pool, use 2 sticks to the changing rooms and car and have on occassion had help to the shower. But after a rest and a cuppa I feel much better.

    3) Cannabis Oil.  3-4 drops under the tongue at dinner time (5pm meal) and let it soak in through the lining of your mouth. Don't swollow it down instead as 90% will be destroyed by your bodys acid in digestion. Smells horrible, tastes even worse. I drink some water and eat a cherry tomatoe once it is absorbed. I don't obtain it from a Junkie supplier, I buy it from reputable shop or on-line from LOVE Bd.  Faboulous PAIN RELIEF and helps for a mor peaceful and restful sleep.

    4) Check your thyroid action...especially T3 & T4.  the T3 range is 12-19. Mine was 12.9. I now take an adrenal gland supplement to spur it into action and it's helped.  An under active thyroid gland (fed by the adrenal gland) will cause weight gain, lethargy and low mood.

    And finally as much rest as you can and as little stress as you can. Both quite hard and just having fibro is ehxhausting and stressful I know but I have had a lot of stree over the last 18 months and it has made me much worse.

    Good luck peeps, hope some of what I have written may help you and bring you some relief. It won't get rid of the fibro and won't make you symptom free but it lowers the severity of the symptoms making it easier to cope.

    • Sophie Weston Sophie Weston United States says:

      Hello:  I have successfully used Cognitive Behavioural Counselling  for pain control of the Fibro and CFS.  I do recommend focused cognitive therapy even if one successfully uses the prescription medicines.  Our minds have a lot of power to help ourselves.
      I am radically/severely allergic to opioids and sulphites of all manner so cannot use prescription drugs. I do take nightly brand name Prozac SSRI for the Fibromyalgia - with success for less body-wide pain.  The generics or sister generics cause me to have hallucinations- very unpleasant- creepy- so Doctor/PCP approved brand name for use.
      I and my sister (and father while he was alive) with FMS & CFS-ME do take magnesium complex, potassium (chlor-tab undyed) for restless legs and leg cramps.  We also take Vitamin D3 supplements daily- as live in a latitude that has ineffective angle of sun to make enough Vite D.

      It actually helps to have a sibling or parent who understands the myriad manifestations of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndromes.  Sometimes we really need that cognitive empathy that shouts in a nice way YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN THIS ANNOYING SUFFERING.

      So laugh as much as you can- eat healthy foods- cultivate good friends and family and be kind to yourself and all the fellow creatures of this blessed Earth.

      Best wishes to you all.

      Sophie in BC

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