1. Richard Stewart Richard Stewart United States says:

    I wasn't in a typical war but prison and institutions for a total of 38 years. From age 11 to 52 I was only on the streets for 3 years total. Been diaignosed as many things including disasociateive reaction, depressed, bad anxiety etc. My last prison was for 29 years for homicide. A councilor I have been seeing suggested to my doctor after learning of my constant nightmares and violent memories and sleep deprovation, that I try Prozasin 1 mg.Teo days later I had no nightmares and slept a full night, which I don't ever know as happening! 30 days later all my depression and anxiety are gone!! I have been out of prison for almost 11 years and thuis last 30 days I have felt more calm and relaxed that I can remember ever! I have been afraid that one day I was going to experience some terriable side effect or something but nothing yet and God willing nothing will. If I could I would like to shale the hands of the people that designed this drug! Thank you and God Bless who ever is responciable!! Resoectfully, Richard

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