1. Cindy Charamut-Glines Cindy Charamut-Glines United States says:

    Right now I take 2700mg of Gabapentin, 225mg of Effexor, 50mg of Topamax twice daily, 1mg 1 1/2 Klonipin at bed, 10mg Ambien at bed, 10mg Lisinipril, 10mg Simvistatin, 40mg omeprazole, 20mg Loratadine and 50mg Robaxin twice daily. I have Osteoarthritis, Degenerative Disc Disease, I have Bariatric surgery and lost 107lbs, TMJ and I am have surgery on the right side of my jaw on Dec. 3 because it is dislocated and the Trigeminal nerve is pinched (very painful),knees are shot right one really bad. I recently had an incident where I thought I was having a stroke speech was really bad and the headache was terrible it was my Fibro and that is when my Topamax was increased I was scared to death. Four and half years ago my fiancé passed away and I found him sitting up on our couch he was 50. The trauma made my Fibro worse and it has not stopped since. I also was in a motorcycle accident 11 months after he died on his motorcycle. I had a nervous breakdown at my job 8 months after he died and I cannot work because of my physical and emotion health. I have always worked  many years 2 jobs or self employed owning my dog grooming businesses. I am only 53. Depression, anxiety, PTSD,Pain,Frustration,New symptoms,relationship issues and losing friends and especially having family walk away and I don't know why. I hate Fibromyalgia and being in pain fronted to toe everyday. And the worst is having to say I don't feel good and knowing even my boyfriend doesn't get it. It is not like I stubbed my toe. I see a therapist every week since the death of my fiancé and she is great. But year after year of this illness is hard. I have great doctors but this illness is  so unpredictable. I just wish you all the best with your battle. Relief is a hard thing and I have no answer. Understanding is what I wish I had from family and friends.

    • Denise Wadsworth Denise Wadsworth United States says:

      Cindy, I have almost all of those symptoms and then some like Rheumatoid Arthritis so trying to figure out which one is flaring is a chore. I am so sorry for your loss. Dealing with this disease alone sucks, I have had it for 30 years so I know some of my warning signs.  If you need to talk just let me know and I will send a phone number or Facebook message me. Here is me sending you a big hug through the wires.  Have a happier day.

    • Captain Jack Captain Jack United States says:

      I suffer from Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and Fibromyalgia and have had Fibro pain ever since 1975 and there has only been a handful of days in all these years where I was actually pain free.  I too have tried everything under the sun and then some and it wasn't until recently I saw a pain doctor.  He initially put me on extended release flexeril (Amrix) and it made me feel worse so I quit taking it and looked it up only to discover it was just extended release flexeril which I had tried multiple times in the past so then he put me on percocet and it is the first med that has given me some relief.  I do not take the entire pill, I cut them in thirds and only take 1/3 in the AM and rarely do I have to take more than that. It doesn't relieve the pain in its entirety but it deadens it enough so that I can function.  I try to go to the gym to exercise and I pay for it for several days just with a 45 minute light workout. I know the addictive risks of opioids but as far as I'm concerned the benefits outweigh the risks. I understand your pain and if those who have abandoned you could only experience what we go through for a month they would look at it differently.  Trust me, multiple doctors and every med that you could conceive of was tried on me from Xanax to antidepressants all of which made things worse for me.  Honestly I would rather take nothing, but I have tried, and things become unbearable.  I wish you the best and hope that someday there will be something to rid this horrific illness.  Feel free to contact me, it would be interesting talking to someone else with the problem to see what they're experiencing.

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