1. Peter Flitcroft Peter Flitcroft United Kingdom says:

    I to got Covid 19 and spent 10 days in an ICU. Having seen the scans by rights I shouldn't come out of there alive. Consultant wanted me on a ventilator when my O2 sats were dropping fast. I asked whats the alternative? palative care was the reply. I demanded my B12 injection which I get monthly and was overdue and was given it same day. Within 24 hours my sats had improved significantly and 5 days later I was back on a normal ward. i was discharged a week after that. The following B12 injection was done at the GP's surgery and my sats went from 91 to 95 overnight. If they had put me on a ventilator the nitrous Oxide gas they use would have depleted my already low B12 levels further and I would undoubtedly have died. A lucky escape. I have developed symptoms of 'Long Covid' but having taken to self injection of B12 they have markedly improved since starting SI weekly.

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