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    I was recently admitted to the hospital with this diagnosis.  Prior to that "allergic" reaction I had recurring symptoms of angioedema (which landed me in ICU) upon my first move to my new home in FL.  I've been here since 2007 and have been taking the steroids to fend off the angioedema attacks which kept recurring.  Until I moved to my new home when I started with a "new" allergy -- the asthma.  I had never had any of these prior to moving to FL.  I have found out what I'm allergic to and was told by my allergist that the "shots" will not help me since its "autoimmune".  So short of relocating OUT of FL, which is not feasible I'm clueless as to what my future holds.  I've been on allergy meds, inhalers and see no end in sight.  I've had mild allergies in the past to different things, pet dander, some seasonal allergies (mild, compared to this).  I'd like to think I'll "recover" from this some day.   Some homeopathic companies claim to be the "cure-all", and are very expensive.  I've become cynical in my old age.  Is there any relief possible, short of moving out of state?  I've lived in several states over my lifetime and never had this type of reaction.

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