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    Great comments and insights Rita.  I am a dentist but I have a practice limited to the treatment of sleep disorders and orofacial pain.  In 2008 I entered a 3 year Masters program in orofacial pain and my department chairman, Dr. Noshir Mehta at Tufts U. suggested that I consider doing research in sleep disorders.  I did not realize at the time just how correct he was in suggesting to me that orofacial pain and sleep problems often co-exist.  I studied under a psychologist on staff at Mass General Hospital who was considered one of the real experts in Fibromyalgia.  Long story short, there is a substantial body of evidence that supports the hypothesis that Fibromyalgia (symptoms) is most often due to the presence of sleep-related breathing disturbances which cause up-regulation  of the central nervous system and the consequent symptoms due to chronic flight-and-fight condition.  Researchers and clinicians such as Drs. Avrum Gold and Christian Guilleminault got it right.  Here's a link to an excellent article by Dr. Gold (a student of Dr. Guilleminault -Stanford Sleep) - if you can, get hold of this and it will tie up a lot of loose ends for you (but I don't think that you have many...you seem to have good intuition about all of this!  Here's a link to that article:  www.sciencedirect.com/.../S1087079210001346
    Dan Tache

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