1. Danielle Moore Danielle Moore United States says:

    Yeah, and we must stone woman who aren't virgins when they marry. And divorce is a sin. Breaking up homes is too. Being afraid or anxious. Not feeding the hungry children. Arrogance. Gossiping. Arguing.

    Unjustified anger is even a sin according to the bible, and last I checked-being angry over something that's none of your business is unjustifiable!

    • Colin Baker Colin Baker United States says:

      "My god love me unconditionally " Really??? dont eat shell fish dont fuck the same sex have some pervert in a dress splash yoiur child with water or what wait a sec that lil fucker is gonna burn for eternity. Really? A god that's doesnt care for geographically challenged children. Slavery once used to be legal and wide spread DOESN'T MAKE IT RIGHT.

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