1. Johann Popper Johann Popper United States says:

    The link between early cannabis use and permanent life-destroying Schizophrenia in at least 1% of the population is well established (and long so, globally) with even greater resolution than the link between tobacco and lung cancer. Addicts are predisposed to think even objective harm is subjectively beneficial, as cannabis damages the amygdala, which is responsible for one's sense of self, and causes brain-wide disregulation via binding to mitochondrial cannabinoid receptors, triggering a devastating immune system reaction in the genetically predisposed. It's Russian Roulette, but private entrepreneurs and governments stand to make billions in cannabis sales, and the unbelievable suffering of 1% of the population and their families' is, quite frankly, an acceptable sacrifice. That's humanity. That's why we'll never be free.

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