1. J.R. J.R. United States says:

    USA dentists are very resistant to new ideas that help patients since it does not increase their profit. My teeth and entire body have largely been destroyed by bad dentists by moving grinding down teeth and causing severe TMJ from orthodontics. Other dentists have promised to fix these problems but thru incompetence and intentional fraud have made them worse.

    The dental profession here and the govt regulators are so slow and uncaring and political it may be very long before this wonderful idea was available in the USA. I hope dentistry in Japan has a higher integrity level with such fine professionals as the author.
    I already do my own dental work on bite splints and making false teeth out of frustration from the horrible and expensive services I got. So my solution is to make my own dental paste and treat myself. The materials are available such as the food grade H2O2 which I already have. I mainly just need a lab oven from ebay and I expect to grow my teeth back and even restore my bite in doing so.  I expect about 10 treatments on the most damaged teeth should increase thickness by 1/2 mm which should be close to normal.

    • Marilyn Marilyn United States says:

      You do your own dental work? You grow your own teeth? Do you have a website?

    • Robert Nelson DDS Robert Nelson DDS United States says:

      Strange that you report being attacked by bad dentists and going to incompetent dentists whom commit fraud...yet you are willing to experiment on yourself with a technique that sounds plausible, yet has little to no research support.

      In your victim-life you are tormented by bad dentists, incompetent dentists, dental professions, government regulators...what a horrible world you exist in.

      You comment that USA dentists are resistant to new ideas...I would think new ideas that helped patients would only add to the profits of the business end of dentistry.  Maybe waiting to see if a proposed method of treatment actually benefits patients and is safe and efficacious would seem prudent.

      Good luck

    • Marilyn Marilyn United States says:

      "Little to no research support?" What planet are you living on, Robert Nelson, DDS.  BTW, that's "who" not "whom."

      Anyway, to get to my questions. Is the dental paste you have made for cleaning your teeth or for replacing the enamel? What is it made of? You say "the materials are available." Where? from whom? What is the technical name of the lab oven? What do you put into the search feature to find such an oven. How do you grow your own teeth? Where do you get "food grade H020" and how is it used to grow your teeth back? I would appreciate receiving this information and more, if I could.

    • Marilyn Marilyn United States says:

      How can I find out some of the particulars of DIY tooth therapy? I.e., how do you grow your own teeth? What are the components of the paste you make? Where do you get the lab oven and how is it used?  What is the Ho2o used for? Etc.

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