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  1. catherine boehm catherine boehm United States says:

    i had a right hip replacement on may 10th.  its Feb 27th.  I have been very unhappy with my hip replacement.  I too feel my leg bone were it meets the metal.  My rt leg is longer than the other causing a limp and takes my back out frequently.  And yes its been very painful especially during storms.  It feels and looks like my metal area is concaving in, really feeling the real bone of my leg.  Im struggling to find out what i can even do as far as every day activities.  The kicker is the left hip was worse than rt, but started with the rt because of a pinched nerve putting me on crutches.  I just cant be in pain with 2 legs and so non functional I'm afraid to walk.  Also I've had 4 other  surgeries and this leg replacement was barbaric compared.  They woke me up and i was screaming, so many in post-op it took the nurse 15 minutes to help.  They wheeled in another man screaming too.  They only offered 2 Tylenol.  1 night and i was soaked in urine.  the bed was like a bathtub of urine.  When id beg the nurse for help she knocked me out with lorazepam in my iv i didn't have the time to tell her i was soaked.  All night, finally got help when a hospitalist came in and gave me pain meds as my back was frozen from hip to neck.  i could not move.  They said why didn't you go to the bathroom?  Seriously???  I already mapped a way home.  i was going to hire an ambulance to get me home.  And im suppose to get another hip replacement??  But the head can break off in the bad hip which is painful too.  I wasn't one of the lucky ones either that just took off walking after the surgery without a problem.  I still wonder about people who say that.  It is major surgery.

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