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  1. Corey Hayes Corey Hayes United States says:

    Mine started with extreme acute onset of a highgrade fever upwards of 103. I would get then more and more as the year went on till it was every week.Then one morning I woke up with the right dise of my neck swelled up putting pressure on the back of my skull.Went to a specialist ENT and he took 2 large drain neeedles of fluid from my neck. Then he took a biopsy of the tissue.The biopsy was benign infected lymph nodes and a brachial cleft cyst.The surgery took 3 hours because of the amount of infected tissue that had to be removed.And I woke up with a incision from my jaw to collarbone.The worst part of recovery was they had to cut muscle from my neck to shoulder.It took me almost a year to get full strength back in my right arm.They also put a drain tube in my neck which I had for 7 to 10 days after surgery.

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