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  1. Lucille Costas Lucille Costas United States says:

    Schizophrenia can be a byproduct of a severe case of bi-polar behaviour when they are in the high manic state. This is sometimes referred to as "psychotic breakdown".  It does revert once the correct drugs are introduced.  However, unless they are in an extreme manic state, you probably wont see it again.  The question to ask is whether the patient is strictly bi-polar or borderline-personality disorder.  Quick difference between the two is that the bi-polar will cycle between depression and manic (low and high) very slowly - usually taking months to years.  The borderline personality can cycle rapidly, several times a day, and their manic states are usualy more severe - including complete psychotic breakdown and schizophrenia.  Read up on these and you will probably be able to recognize which disease you are relating to or dealing with.  Good luck to you.

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