1. Patti MacKay Patti MacKay Canada says:

    The government and doctors used to say cigarette smoking was good for you too.  I used to smoke cigarettes and never got sick so does that make them good for me?  I also do not see how inhaling chemicals can be healthy.

    • Pork Leaker Pork Leaker Canada says:

      It's not about them being healthy, it's the fact that they're a far safer alternative to analog cigarettes. When using an e-cig you're inhaling vaporized propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine and flavorings. Now compare that to the over 4,000 in cigarettes (43 known carcinogens and 400 toxins) and tell me which is better? It's harm harm reduction. However, if there is any truth to the effects propylene glycol on bacteria and viruses, simply consider that an added benefit.

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