1. Levi Cohen Levi Cohen United States says:

    Dear article writer,
    For anyone who actually does research regarding things like cold and flu viruses, one can quickly learn that the mutation rates and speed of cold and flu viruses are far to high and quick for any commercially manufactured and delivered cold or flu vaccine to EVER be effective.
    For example, it is not unusual for a cold or flu infected person to actually have several mutations of the original virus they were infected with, at the same time.
    Now, knowing that a cold or flu virus will mutate and multiply mutations so quickly that a person can have several mutations simultaneously, should be all we need acknowledge as to whether to waste time, money and other valuable resources in pursuing a vaccine treatment which will ALWAYS be worthless as to prevention of any cold or flu.
    And when you consider how many ingredients inside a vaccine injection are harmful directly, the very concept of suggesting, promoting  or forcing people to receive any such cold or flu vaccines is tantamount to a criminal act of endangerment and fraud.
    I get it, that to arrive at this view, you have to actually admit that we were lied to for generations regarding the effectiveness of many of the vaccines, and I am not saying that some vaccinations are effective.
    But the only vaccines that are truly effective contain nothing but a form of a virus that confers immunity by association-like say the cowpox virus does for smallpox. Or like the measles parties they hold for natural vaccination via normal immune response.
    As for any vaccine that bypasses any part of the natural immune response (like all injections) or that contains hazardous materials like mercury, or aluminum, those kind of vaccines should be considered criminal fraud and dangerous. And any people forcing them onto people who do not want them for themselves or their children should be considered criminals who are violating one of the most important aspects of freedom, freedom to choose what they put into theirs and their children's bodies.

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