1. Evelyn Carbsane Evelyn Carbsane United States says:

    Dear Ms. Cuffari,

    The following statement is in error:  

    >>>An unvaccinated person who is exposed to the poliovirus, even in a weakened form, can still become infected. Since up to 95% of individuals infected with poliovirus will remain asymptomatic, it has been challenging to identify potentially infected individuals.<<<

    It is true that only a few small percentage of those infected with polio will have the virus permeate the nervous system leading to paralysis.

    What is untrue here, albeit by omission, is that EVERYONE vaccinated with the Inactivated Polio Vaccine (IPV, injected) as opposed to the live-attenuated Oral Polio Vaccine (OPV) can still become infected.  Polioviruses infect in the gut.  This is why OPV is still used in areas where polio is endemic, because only OPV prevents transmission.

    In the US, only IPV has been given since 2000.   It is the asymptomatic who spread this now, including anyone who just had IPV.

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