1. Josh Salans Josh Salans United States says:

    You fail to mention the ubiquitous state of BT Corn by-products in our food supply. If it's made from industrial non organic cows (meat, cheese, butter, milk etc), chickens (eggs and meat), or lamb (meat), then the chances are high the bacillus thuringiensis (poison) at the cellular level that is consumed by the animal is being passed to the consumer. If corn syrup, corn starch, corn oil are part of the food product then it has been most likely poisoned by the Monsanto BT Corn product.
    The bug who eats from a BT Corn plant, EXPLODES, as inflammation overruns its intestines. This is happening in the human population as well. I am a victim of Monsanto's BT Corn. My hemorrhoids will go from nada to golf ball size after consuming a BT food tainted product. I eat only organic as for now the genetically engineered BT poisoned corn cannot be classified as organic, or any animal that consumes it. Medical Doctors need to speak out about the increasing problems with human inflammatory diseases and the consumption of Monsanto's poison corn products.

    Thank you.

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