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  1. Peter Maitland Peter Maitland Australia says:

    I underwent a Industrial Hearing Test 17 years ago. I had this test to see if I had suffered any hearing loss because I used to work in heavy industry. I had no ringing in my ears at all before the test. The VERY NEXT MORNING I woke up with a horrible noise in my ears. This screeching/ hissing/ shooshing noise continued for four days. I was going crazy. After four days this noise suddenly stopped. However, I noticed after that, that on quiet mornings when I awoke, I could hear this noise in the background but not as loud as it was before. I just put up with it as it was only audible on certain days and only very low.

    Anyhow, 12 years passed and I was handed a free hearing test brochure from a friend at another place that I worked for. I forgot about the prior test.

    You guessed it. Silly, silly, silly, silly me had another Industrial Hearing test.

    The next morning I woke up in extreme distress. The noise in my ears was excruciating and I rang up this company and said, 'what have you done?'. They denied that they were the cause.

    My ears have never stopped this incessant noise. I have now been going through this rotten Tinnitus for 5 years now. I had to leave work over it.

    Some people can put up with it, but these people only hear the noise now and then. I do not say that these people have Tinnitus. They just have a little noise in the background.

    REAL TINNITUS sufferers know the difference. Some have committed suicide over this.


    It is not normal to pump high and low frequency noise in your delicate ears. This audio test should be outlawed.

    ENT specialist wont be in this, because they make lots of money from these tests.

    Some people have this test and don't notice any difference but some like myself are affected differently. I wish that I never had this rotten test. I should have remember when I had that first test 17 years ago.

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