1. Laura L Laura L Ireland says:

    I just took a couple of doses of an SSRI. Yet I'm going through the most horrific withdrawal symptoms for several months already. Personality changes, brain zaps, muscle twitching, headaches, psychotic thoughts, paranoia.

    I can say this so called "medication" has successfully erased my life. I'm struggling each day not to kill myself because of the horrific symptoms and the despair about doctors who refuse to believe me. I can't work, I can't do any activities, I'm sinking in a deeper and deeper depression because there is just no end to the symptoms in sight.

    Doctors just tell me "this is impossible, you're imagining it".

    • Sandra Villarreal Sandra Villarreal United States says:

      One year after my almost deadly Klonopin withdrawal I went off my Effexor, Trazodone & Lithium and not only became suicidal but I became extremely homicidal. I was going to be another one of the story's that makes the nightly news if I didn't do something. I can't believe that doctors will prescribe these drugs and it's for life, but they never, ever help you get off when patients are tires of taking toxic chemicals into our brains. They have completely ruined my entire life. I mistakenly believed I was mentally ill because of this 'chemical imbalance' theory that doesn't even exist. I was labeled for life. I had to give up my entire life all because I believed a psychiatrist when I was 21 years old. Psychiatric drugs induced so much depression, apathy, and suffering that I literally spent the next 3 decades trying to kill myself from drug induced pure misery. I am so happy I am drug free today. At the age of 58 I get to begin my life for the first time in over 35 years. When we experience psychiatric drug withdrawal symptoms our doctors won't and don't believe us. Instead we are hit with another diagnosis which prompts yet more drugs.  Psychiatry is the biggest healthcare fraud in American right next to the tobacco companies who claimed that cigarettes were not addicting. They claimed the benzo's weren't either. In fact, I still see this written in articles. This is abuse in the worst possible way. There is an end in sight Laura, I know, after healing for 2 years from my med withdrawals, I'm absolutely fine. Just hang in there and gather love & support from family and friends because we all it won't come from the medical or psychiatric field.

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