1. Renee McLaggan Renee McLaggan Australia says:

    thank you Jon for writing this article, I am 44 years old, I was diagnosed in Sept 2013 treated with Somatulin for 8 months, had surgery in June 2014, rad therapy in Dec 2014, stopped Somatuin for a couple of months after surgery then started again until July 2015. As a patient I have found it horrendously difficult with symptoms and have been made to feel as if I am a hypochondriac. Half of the issue is I can not produce the symptoms on demand so when I tell my endo that I am having episodes of profuse sweating, my teeth are still shifting and I have a permanent headache / migraine (not to mention acne and a few other things) he does not believe me because as he says my IGF1 is in normal range, I have had surgery and rad therapy and the remaining tumour is approx 19mm in my sinus cavity around my carotid. I feel the rad therapy set me back and has increased my symptoms rather than help. In hindsight, I would not have had the rad therapy had I been better educated. I was made to feel that I did not have a choice and needed to have to the rad therapy by my doctors. I have stopped the somatulin 120 now for just over 6 months and my IGF1 has doubled, which tells me that I am not controlled, even though my endo tells me I am.  I guess my next blood test will only tell what I have been saying to my endo. I have requested the pdf copy of your article and I will be sending to my current endo, I think I will try to find another endo, after nearly 3 years of seeing this one I feel he is not working with me for my better health.

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