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  1. Mike Scanlon Mike Scanlon United States says:

    I hope that now a year later finds you well.  You story sounds a bit like mine, I had RCC spread to both my lungs.  Dr's used IL2 and they dissolved away. . though the treatment was pretty devastating. . fast forward 9 years and a new spread to my adrenal.. the point here is that (from what I understand) treatment is moving away from IL2 to just approved Nivolumab. . its a once every other week, IV infusion (takes an hour). . easy to take, higher rate of success and has some durability. . Best of luck.. keep up the fight.

    • Fahri Bayiroglu Fahri Bayiroglu Turkey says:

      My father, 77 years old, had a surgery which removed his right kidney with tumor 7 years ago. Now he has RCC spread to both his lungs. Doctors advised him to get a second surgery and get them removed by open lung operation. When the doctors treated your spreads, how big the nodules in your lungs? Why did not they think to remove your nodules by surgery? Thanks for your reply in advance. I wish you and all the patients a clear recovery and goood healths.

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