1. F R Niedhammer F R Niedhammer United States says:

    Go MCWPA!  Sometimes you have to turn the spotlight on the groups who can be making a difference in millions of people's lives, if only they would.

      The year after I got CFS and fibro, the NIH changed leadership. The new leader was in the psychiatric field and promptly declared both conditions were "all in your head", and cut off research and funding.

    I hope the anti-virals being used in HIV treatments can be quickly tweaked so we can get better.

    Has anyone had the experience of having their symptoms almost erased after being sedated during medical procedures?  I have talked to others who have had this happen and wonder if induced "deep sleep" treatments could give long periods of relief to CFS/Fibro suffers.  I had relief for 6 months. I am now back where I was in March.  

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