1. lindsey lindsey United Kingdom says:

    Maybe humans are so prone to conflict because they reject there natural instincts. Streight women spend more time looking at womens bodys then men do, and then turn it into bitchy comments (conflict). I a man even looked over me to the level i have had streight women look over me i would want to ask him what his problem was. A man looks and then if he does not like he looks at someone else, if he does like he then tries to talk to you. Women look over and over, if they like what they see they hate you, and if they dont like what they see they become smug. Women always maintain a level of cattyness with there close friends, as they have to make sure there natural inclinationms dont take over. Its the same with men, they have to be tougth enougth to show there maintaining a defence against other men.  

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