1. Nick Nick United Kingdom says:

    Are you sure that these ingrediants, namely:  human placenta (Placenta hominis), deer antler (Corna cervi pantotrichum) and donkey skin (Colla cori astini), will be a source of infection?  Given that the ingrediants being used are generally not taken and used immediately from the source i.e. any placenta, donkey skin etc. will first have been completely dried out for sake of preservation before being sold onwards to a company or individual chinese doctor.  At which point this drying or, if more modern technology is used dehydrating, all bacteria or viruses will not be completely destroyed.

    So i'm not exactly understanding how your "potential risk of infectious diseases" or "transmission of infective bacteria and viruses" actually holds any scientific truth or credibility.

    Odd how a pharmaceutical, who should be fully aware of this basic science, is misleading the public?

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